Saturday, March 27, 2010

Must-Have Fashion Trends This Spring

With the temperature reaching a high of 77 in the upcoming week, we can safely say that spring has arrived. The warmer weather means its time for the new spring fashion, winter coats were fun but now a thing of the past. Overspending on spring break created new spending habits for some of us, luckily, US Weekly had an article about the top 10 must-have spring fashion trends and most of the fashion trends are a repeat from last year. The top 10 must-have fashion trends for spring 2010 include:

1. Florals
2. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
3. Clogs
4. Striped Tops
5. Mixed Bangles
6. Trench Looks
7. Neon
8. Jumpers
9. Cross-Body Bags
10. Ruffles

Click on the images for a detailed explanation of each fashion trend:

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